All job opportunities will be published here and we encourage interested parties to check-in occasionally.


Unfortunately  we are  unable to respond to unsolicited applications whether for jobs, volunteer positions, internships or study projects.

All such opportunities will be published on this webpage and we encourage interested parties to check-in occasionally.

If you are seeking employment in a rehabilitation centre or programme, please contact the centre or programme directly. A list of our member centres and programmes is available here.

Editorial Advisory Board For The Torture Journal

The IRCT invites interested canditates to apply for a position on the Torture Journal Editorial Advisory Board, to begin in January 2019.

We are seeking motivated candidates, with diverse backgrounds, and with strong interests and experience in academia, and promoting knowledge. Relevant academic fields not only include medicine, psychology and rehabilitation, but also epidemiology, a range of social sciences and other disciplines related to holistic rehabilitation, torture and research methods. 

In order to apply, please send your CV and motivational letter to Harry Shepherd, Torture Journal Editorial Assistant (, including your own views on how the Torture Journal could be further improved and the way Editorial Advisory Board could contribute to that.

Please be aware that Editorial Advisory Board positions are unpaid.

Deadline for applications: 12th November 2018

For more information and how to apply, see here

Part-time IT Developer For Mobile App

A fee-based 7-month consultancy for an IT consultant familiar with mobile applications and desktop databases

The IRCT is seeking an IT Consultant to design and implement a mobile application to its Anti-Torture Database (ATD) for 59 days over a period of 7 months. 

The priority for this consultancy is to develop and implement an offline mobile application that allows users of the IRCT’s Anti-Torture Database to use the ATD remotely via smartphones or tablets whilst remaining offline. The data must then be accepted by the desktop application upon return to the rehabilitation centre. This should be a progressive mobile application with responsive design and hybrid development using html5 and JavaScript. It should be compatible with Android and iOS.



The IRCT is seeking the services of a consultant (private or not-for-profit) with experience in database development, implementation and management. Specifically, the consultant should have some skill and/or experience with regard to .NET Framework, Windows Forums, C#, Java, Javascript and C/C++, SQL, Javascript (AngularJS, Backbone [Marionette] and ReactJS) and HTML5 and CSS3, iOS and Android phones, and SQL Server, MySQL, and PostGreSQL.

Applicants may be individuals or companies with the required expertise and previous experience in mobile application development, data management and database systems.

  • Applicants’ experience of working with NGOs in a cross-cultural environment will be important.  
  • Consistent and reliable availability is crucial.
  • Applicants must be available to provide ongoing IT support to the IRCT Secretariat and current ATD users as it relates to the implementation of the mobile application.
  • Applicants must be dependable, detail-oriented and able to accurately implement requests by the IRCT Secretariat.
  • Applicants must have the requisite tools and infrastructure available to communicate effectively with the IRCT Secretariat and the rehabilitation centres using the database, including a reliable internet and phone connection. This is extremely important given that we work remotely, and the rehabilitation centres are located across the globe.
  • Fluency in English is an essential requirement. French and/or Spanish would be an advantage.   



You can find the full details of the call for proposal and the proposed terms of reference here. The Consultant is asked to submit a two-page proposal setting out their approach and proposed timeline based on the requirements detailed in the ToR before 26 October 2018.

We would also benefit from an understanding of any potential time constraints faced, which could impact the project.  

Please send your proposals as well as your resume setting out related experience to:   

We thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the IRCT members in this critical project.   

For further information please contact Dastan Salehi at

“Rehabilitation helps restore the physical and mental state of torture victims.”

- Olga Sadovskaya, Deputy chair of the Committee Against Torture

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