Our Strategy 2018–2020 sets out a vision for how the IRCT will work towards the improved quality of life for torture victims worldwide and contribute to a world without torture.

With over 160 members in more than 70 countries, IRCT is uniquely positioned to take the lead in promoting global standards and evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation, in sharing knowledge on good rehabilitation practices and promoting sustainable support to torture victims through a strong movement. We do this on the basis of our health-based expertise on torture and its consequences developed through decades of support to torture victims worldwide.

The IRCT Strategy 2018-2020 was unanimously adopted by the IRCT Council in December 2017. The strategy is informed by a review of the IRCT and input provided by the whole membership, Council and Executive Committee members as well as key donors.

IRCT’s 2018 – 2020 Strategy can be found in the below links:


English version

Arabic version

French version

Spanish version


“Survivors are at the heart of this strategy. Everything we do must be to support life after torture. This movement comes together to take collective action to ensure the victim’s right to rehabilitation. The enhanced strategy recognises this and further ensures that our work is effective and implemented in a way that is consistent with human rights values and the highest ethical standards.”

- Jorge Aroche, President of the IRCT.


Our Strategy

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