As a membership based organisation, our goal is to strengthen the capacity of our members across the globe and empower victims of torture. We are committed to working with all of our members to ensure that they have the abilities and resources needed to overcome challenges and thrive as rehabilitation centres. We pursue this through projects and by assisting our members in broadening their knowledge base and developing their skills and expertise.

Learning From Each Other

Our focus areas are knowledge exchange between members, peer-to-peer supervision, trainings and the creation of communities of practice, which will allow staff from different member centres to share approaches, experiences and expertise more easily through a variety of platforms.

Changing Lives

The projects and programmes under the auspices of the IRCT seek to address unmet needs and change lives by supporting centres in providing rehabilitation services to victims of torture. Through our programmes and trainings, we are also able to provide health and legal professionals as well as human rights defenders with the right tools to help victims, investigate and document torture, pursue justice and prevent it from happening again by training others and raising public awareness about torture in their communities and among state actors.

“My only wish is that no one else endures the pain we went through, pain from torture, which still occurs today. I hope there can be a torture free world where human rights are not violated and where people can express their opinions.”

- Torture survivor

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