Photo: Counselling Session African Centre for Torture Victims, in Uganda.

Your support is crucial to IRCT's efforts to ensure its members can continue to support survivors of torture around the world in rebuilding their lives and obtaining justice.

Rehabilitation, through a combination of services including medical, psychological, legal and social support, acts as a symbol of triumph over the manmade terror of torture.

Support us regularly

The IRCT is a non-profit organisation registered in Denmark. To continue enjoying the charitable status and remain eligible to apply for certain restricted funding we need to receive 100 contributions of at least 200 DKK (approx 30 Euros) annually. 

By giving regularly, you support us in reaching this goal and enable us to leverage further funds.

If you are a Danish taxpayer you may be eligible for tax deductions on your donation - to qualify please provide your CPR-number.

If you do not use Mastercard or Visa, please see our banking details below or via MobilePay (works only in Denmark).


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