Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture

ISSN (Online): 1997-3322 
Key title: Torture (Online) 
Abbreviated key title: Torture (Online)

ISSN (Print): ISSN 1018-8185


TORTURE - new size - new concept

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Scientific articles

Social transition, exclusion, shame and humiliation

Robert Oravecz, Lilla Hárdi & Lászlo Lajtai

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Case presentation of a tattoo-mutilated, Bosnian torture survivor

Ronnie D. Bower, Lisa Pahl & Michael A. Bernstein

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A study of the psychological state of formerly abducted children at Gulu World Vision Trauma Centre 

Kennedy Amone-P'Olak

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Clinical knowledge

Suicide in custody 

M.I. Sheikh & S.S. Agarwal

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Assessing and responding to secondary traumatisation in the survivors' families 

Ibrahim Kira

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Medical, physical examination in connection with torture. Section I

Ole V. Rasmussen, Stine Amris, Margiret Blaauw & Lis Danielsen

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Torture survivors' perceptions of reparation: a survey published by the REDRESS organization, 2001

Paul Dalton

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A torture case presented in the UK Parliament on 21 January 2004

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Book reviews

Gathering seaweed: African prison writing

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