Pau Pérez-Sales introduces this issue with an Editorial which conceptualises and documents threats in the context of ill-treatment and torture. He provides a theoretical reflection on what threats are, what types exist and how they impact the survivor from a medical and psychological perspective, providing a framework of understanding that will hopefully improve conceptual and practical assessment, documentation and qualification.


Defining and documenting threats in the context of ill-treatment and torture

Pau Pérez-Sales

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Review articles

Perception, practice and proximity. Qualifying threats as psychological torture in international law.

Ergün Cakal

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Research and Scientific articles

Remote medico-legal assessment by telephone during COVID-19: Monitoring safety and quality when documenting evidence of torture for UK asylum applicants

Dr. Juliet Cohen, Dr. Bernadette Gregory, Kate Newman, Emily Rowe, Deborah Thackray

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Patterns of torture among forcibly displaced Eritreans in California: A cross-sectional study

P. Suzanne Portnoy, Alejandro Diaz, Jenna Kupa, Isabelle Rocroi, Emily Tatel, Kala Mehta, Nicholas Nelson

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Experiences of surviviors of commercial sexual explotation availing rehabilitation at R&P homes in India

Vipin Vijay Nair, Mr., Sanjeev P. Sahni, Professor (Dr.), D. Daniel T. Andzenge, Professor (Dr.)

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Trauma Psycho Social Support Plus® and EMDR therapy for children and adolescents in a post-conflict setting

Frank Hofmann, Mirjam Goihl, Michael Hase, Dr. Adrian Hase

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Engaging torture survivors in the global fight against torture

Berta Soley

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Letter to the Editor

The dark face of Chilean democracy: the Catrillanca case and the Temucuicui community arrest

Jesús Antona Bustos

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