Deprivation and manipulation of food as a torture method. State of the art in research and ways forward.

Pau Pérez-Sales
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Research and Scientific Articles

International survey of the utilisation in treatment centers for survivors of torture

Laura Janet Pizer Gueron, MaryAnn de Ruiter


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Group physiotherapy with survivors of torture in urban and camp settings in Jordan and Kenya

Laura Janet Pizer Gueron, Arobogust Amoyi, Winnie Chao, Justine Chepngetich, Jepkemoi Joanne Kibet, Stephen Nyambok, Joseph Wesonga


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Acceptability of a physiotherapeutic pain school treatment in trauma-affected populations in the Middle Eastern & Northern African region

Anne-Mette Karrer, Ane Kirstine Viller Hansen, Linda Nordin, Marie-Louise Drivsholm Oestergaard


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Violence and torture against migrants and refugees attempting to reach the European Union through Western Balkans

Marta Guarch-Rubio, Steven Byrne, Antonio L. Manzanero


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"A Random System"

The organisation and practice of torture rehabilitation services in Norway

Moa Nyamwathi Lønning


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Looking for stability

Experiences of rehabilitation for Congolese survivors of torture in Athens and the role of the Congolese community in their support

Maria-Angeliki Psyrraki, Emilie Venables, Christos Eleftherakos, Nathalie Severy, Declan Barry, Nikos Gionakis, Maria Episkopou, Aikaterini Komita, Gianfranco De Maio


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Collaborative effort to increase the physiotherapist’s competency in rehabilitation of torture survivors

Maria Nordheim Alme, Djenana Jalovcic, Ilona Fricker, Sarah Peters, Rolf Vårdal, Patricia Rocca, William Hale, Esra Alagöz, Nika Leskovsek, Aicha Benyaich, Emer McGowan, Anna Pettersson, Carina Boström, Line Merethe Giusti, Michel Landry, Rachael Lowe, Kjersti Thulin Wilhelmsen, Joost van Wijchen


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Book and Media reviews

The torture doctors. Human rights crimes and the road to justice.

By Steven H. Miles.

Pau Pérez-Sales


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Letter to the Editor

EMDR as an evidence-based therapy for trauma

A reply to the Independent Forensic Expert Group’s statement on conversion therapy

Olivier Piedfort-Marin, Isabel Fernandez, Carol Miles


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Response to EMDR Association letter to the editor

Asger Kjaerum


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