Documentation of torture in children and young adults: Time to reflect  
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Scientific Articles

Psychosocial and community assessment of relatives of victims of extra-judicial killings in Peru: Informing international courts

Miryam Rivera-Holguín, Pau Pérez-Sales, Adriana Hildenbrand, Elba Custodio, Germán Vargas, Nelida Baca, Jozef Corveleyn, Lucia De Haene


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Expert medico-legal reports: The relationship between levels of consistency and judicial outcomes in asylum seekers in the Netherlands

Rembrant Aarts, Lennard van Wanrooij, Evert Bloemen, Geert Smid


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The medico-legal assessment of asylum seeker victims in Italy

Francesca Magli, Lorenzo Franceschetti, Lidia Maggioni, Enrico Angelo Muccino, Vera Gloria Merelli, Elisa Cerutti, Marzia Marzagalia, Andrea Armocida, Alessandra Kustermann, Cristina Cattaneo


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Reassessment of the Ireland v. the United Kingdom ECtHR case: A lost opportunity to clarify the distinction between torture and ill-treatment

Vesna Stefanovska


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The Istanbul Protocol: A global stakeholder survey on past experiences, current practices and additional norm setting

Rohini J Haar, James Lin, Ms., Jens Modvig, MD PhD, Vincent Iacopino


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Capoeira Angola: An alternative intervention program for traumatized adolescent refugees from war-torn countries

Shakeh Mom, Mariano Coello, Emma Pittaway, Russell Downham, Jorge Aroche


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The role of a trauma-sensitive football group in the recovery of survivors of torture

Rebecca Horn, Robin Ewart-Biggs, Freddie Hudson, Selcuk Berilgen, Jack Ironside, Anthony Prodromou


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A criminal tribunal and a wide-ranging reparation programme is necessary for the victims of sexual violence and torture in Iraq

Bojan Gavrilovic, Stephanie Schweininger


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Migration-related torture: One of the greatest tragedies of our time

Nils Melzer


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The potential and limitations of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: A comment

Fabio Perocco


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Book reviews

Torture: An Expert’s Confrontation with an Everyday Evil, by Manfred Nowak.

Hans Draminsky Petersen


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Torture and Its Definition in International Law—An Interdisciplinary Approach, by Metin Başoğlu

Alejandro Moreno


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Turkish doctors sentenced to 20-months in prison for an anti-war declaration Torture

Journal Editorial Team


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Letter to the editor

Documenting torture and ill-treatment of children and adolescents: Current practices and challenges

Maya Mukamel, Keren Cohen


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Academic publishing can help in court cases

Luis Maria De Los Santos Castillo


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Disappearing refugees inside the United States

Gerald Gray


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