The 6/24 rule: A review and proposal for an international standard of a minimum of six hours of continuous sleep in detention settings

Pau Pérez-Sales


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Review articles

Befogging reason, undermining will: Understanding the prohibition of sleep deprivation as torture and ill-treatment in international law

Ergün Cakal


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Research and Scientific articles

Development of interdisciplinary protocols on medico-legal documentation of torture: Sleep deprivation

Elna Søndergaard, Rupert Skilbeck, Efrat Shir


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Protocol on Medico-Legal Documentation of Sleep Deprivation

Pau Pérez-Sales, Elna Søndergaard, Efrat Shir, Ergün Cakal, Marie Brasholt


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Sleep deprivation does not work: Epidemiology, impacts and outcomes of incidental and systematic sleep deprivation in a sample of Palestinian detainees

Khader M.A Rasras, Mahmud Sehwail, Pau Pérez-Sales, Wisam Sehwail, Alba Guasch, Andrea Galan


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Torture and torture practices in Tanzania: Knowledge, attitudes and practice among medical professionals

Brenda Van den Bergh, Marie Brasholt, Praxeda James Swai, Primus Saidia, Moses Kidew, Naomi Lipsius Hincheli, Maha Aon, Jens Modvig


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Case reports

From echoes of silence to whispers of hope: A journey with survivors of sexual violence

Pearl Cioza Fernandes, Yvette Aiello


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Debate and Comment

How do you say Istanbul Protocol in Hebrew? The curious case of Mr Firas Tbeish

Efrat Shir


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A problematic Israeli High Court dismissal of a torture complaint. A commentary by Hans Draminsky Petersen, MD

Hans Draminsky Petersen


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Institutionalizing torture in Israel: The Firas Tbeish decision. A commentary by John W. Schiemann, PhD

John Wilson Schiemann


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Book and media reviews

Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon, and US Government Conspired to Torture, by Mark Fallon

Stephen N. Xenakis


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Letter to the Editor

Paul Broca’s clitoridectomy as a cure for “nymphomania”: A pseudo-medical mutilation

Philippe Charlier, Saudamini Deo


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