From sexualized torture and gender-based torture to genderized torture: The urgent need for a conceptual evolution
Pau Pérez-Sales, Maggie Zraly
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Special section: Sexual, gender-based and genderized torture

Breaking the silence through MANTRA: Empowering Tamil MAN survivors of torture and rape

Pearl Fernandes, Yvette Aiello

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“We are the memory representation of our parents”: Intergenerational legacies of genocide among descendants of rape survivors in Rwanda

Marie Grâce Kagoyire, Annemiek Richters

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The efficacy of traditional cultural practices in the rehabilitation of victims of torture in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

Abosede Omowumi Babatunde

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Sexual torture among Arabic-speaking Shi’a Muslim men and women in Iraq: Barriers to healing and finding meaning

Christopher Einolf

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The health impact of (sexual) torture amongst Afghan, Iranian and Kurdish refugees: A literature review

Roghieh Dehghan

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Scientific articles

Voices of torture survivors in Tanzania: A qualitative study
Maha Aon, Harold Sungusia, Marie Brasholt, Brenda Van Den Bergh, Jens Modvig
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Addressing occupational stress among health staff in non-government controlled Northern Syria: Supporting resilience in a dangerous workplace

Mahmood Othman, Zachary Steel, Catalina Lawsin, Ruth Wells

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Genocidal sexual assault on women and the role of culture in the rehabilitation process: Experiences from working with Yazidi women in Turkey

Sahika Yüksel, Suzan Saner, Ayse Devrim Basterzi, Zerrin Oglagu, Israfil Bülbül 

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Book reviews

Gender identity and expression in focus: The report of the United Nations Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity, by Victor Madrigal-Borloz.

Zhan Chiam, Julia Ehrt 

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Fallgirls: Gender and the Framing of Torture at Abu Ghraib (Classical and Contemporary Social Theory), by Ryan Ashley Caldwell

Pau Pérez Sales

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Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move, by Reece Jones Martin


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Call for papers

Call for papers for the Torture Journal special section on: ‘Long-term effects of interventions: Torture survivors in the Balkans region as a paradigm of reflection’

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