Ill-treatment and torture in demonstrations and other non-custodial settings. How can academic research help in the discussion?

Pau Pérez-Sales

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Torture Journal 2017: A note from the editor and an update from the team

The Torture Journal team

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Scientific articles

Towards a contextually appropriate framework to guide counseling of torture survivors in Sub-Saharan Africa

Craig Higson-Smith, Gillian Eagle

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Evaluation of the efficacy of a South African psychosocial model for the rehabilitation of torture survivors

Dominique Dix-Peek, Merle Werbeloff

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The Chronic Traumatic Stress Framework: A conceptual model to guide empirical investigation and mental health treatment for refugees and survivors of torture

Karen Fondacaro, Emily Mazzulla

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An ethical and aesthetic challenge: symbolic reparation and the construction of memory

Vera Vital-Brasil

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Cultural logics of emotion: Implications for understanding torture and its sequelae

Laurence J. Kirmayer, Lauren Ban, James Jaranson

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Factor interaction in prevention of torture: Reflections based on Carver's and Handley's research (With comment by the authors of the book, Richard Carver, Lisa Handley, and a Response by the author)

Hans Draminsky Petersen

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Letter to the Editor

Sealing the Border: US refuses asylum torture survivors

Gerald Gray

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