Psychotherapy for torture survivors - Suggested pathways for research

Pau Pérez-Sales, Editor in Chief

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Scientific articles

An evaluation of combined narrative exposure therapy and physiotherapy for comorbid PTSD and chronic pain in torture

Iselin Dibaj, Joar Øveraas Halvorsen,
Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair, Håkon Inge Stenmark

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Mercy for money: Torture’s link to profit in Sri Lanka,
a retrospective review

Wendell Block, Jessica Lee, Kera Vijayasingham

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Recognition and treatment of law enforcement violence against detainees and prisoners: A survey among Israeli physicians and medical students

Zvi Benninga, Bettina Steiner-Birmanns,
Revital Arbel Firas Abu Akar, Mushira Aboo Dia

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Preventing torture for people deprived of freedom: The Atlantic Hope and Black Swan Prison Model

Ernest N. Ogbozor, Mara L. Schoeny, Andrew E. Baer

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The Mexico Consensus

General Assembly of the International Rehabilitation Council of Torture Victims, 9 December 2016

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Perspective – The long journey to rehabilitation for
torture survivors

Kolbassia Haoussou

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Book review

Restoring Hope and Dignity CVT Manual

Marianne C Kastrup

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Psychological Torture: Definition, evaluation and measurement, By Pau Pérez-Sales

Jim Jaranson

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Reproductive Freedom, Torture and International Human Rights:Challenging the Masculinization of Torture, By Ronli Sifris

Nora Sveaass

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Letter to the Editor

Effective and humane ways to manage the drug problem in the Philippines, a human rights and public health perspective

Jerbert M. Briola

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