Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture

ISSN (Online): 1997-3322 
Key title: Torture (Online) 
Abbreviated key title: Torture (Online)

ISSN (Print): ISSN 1018-8185

Scientific articles

Psychiatric treatment for extremely tramatized civil war refugees from former Yugoslavia

Gertrud Schwarz-Langer, MD, Russell R. Deighton, PhD, Lucia Jerg-Bretzke, PhD, Ingo Weisker, MD and Harald C. Traue, PhD

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Should discrepant accounts given by asylum seekers be taken as proof of deceit?

Jane Herlihy, DClinPsych and Stuart Turner, MD, BChir, MA

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Clinical knowledge

Mental states of adolescents exposed to war in Uganda: finding appropriate methods of rehabilitation

Kennedy Amone-P'Olak, MSc

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Dermatological findings after alleged torture
Lis Danielsen, MD, DMSc and Ole Vedel Rasmussen, MD, DMSC

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Psychology and U.S. psychologists in torture and war in the Middle East

Gerald Gray, LCSW and Alessandra Zielinski, researcher

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Letters to the Editor

A response to the article by Christian Pross on "Burn out vicarious traumatization and its prevention" - TORTURE 2006; 16:1-9

Sepp Graessner/Christian Pross

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