Our Strategy

Healing and justice are the two principle goals at the heart of IRCT’s Strategy 2022-2025.

In a world of increasing authoritarianism, States are utilising torture to supress dissent, silence civil society, and marginalise minorities and those living in poverty. Impunity remains almost absolute. 

With its medical and legal expertise, the IRCT and its 160 members stand on the frontline of this global struggle against the abuse of power. Our Strategy sets out how we will work to heal torture survivors by ensuring as many as possible receive the best possible support to rebuild their lives, and have more space to make their voices heard. 

And by exposing torture, strengthening the capacity of civil society and State institutions, and by advocating with the international human rights mechanisms we will work for the goal of justice, reparation and the prevention of torture. 

IRCT’s Strategy 2022-2025 was developed after consultation with all IRCT’s members, regional committees, the Council and Executive Committee, and was approved by a super majority vote of the General Assembly.