Meet Our Members:

PTC-ZN, Netherlands

In the heart of South Netherlands’ Den Bosch, PTC-ZN is one of Europe’s leading specialists in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, including in torture survivors. Offering advanced treatments, this IRCT member is also at the forefront of research into trauma-informed care.

In April 2021, PTC-ZN began a partnership with IRCT’s member in Lebanon, Restart. Psychologists from the two centres will exchange knowledge and best practices for treating PTSD.

“Another main focus point we have in is our international collaborations,” says Jorin Blokland, Mental Health Psychologist at PTC-ZN, filming from her window overlooking Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

“We value a lot our international collaborations and networks like the IRCT because we believe it’s so important to share knowledge together and expertise, especially because a lot of our clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

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