08 Sep 2020
IRCT announces new round of COVID-19 response grants

The IRCT is launching a call for its membership to apply for grants of €5000 to €9000 to help them address the negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on their work.

IRCT announces new round of COVID-19 response grants

IRCT members must demonstrate that their application meets one or more of the following objectives:  

  1. The application enables individual members to address or overcome Covid-19 related obstacles to existing rehabilitation services 
  2. The application enables advocacy activities addressing torture and ill-treatment resulting from State responses to COVID-19
  3. The application enhances the centre’s emergency preparedness in case of future lockdowns or outbreaks
  4. The application develops tools, programs, or resources that can be shared as good practices or innovative methods with the IRCT’s global membership 

Please note, applications will need to clearly demonstrate that their grant will be used to address a challenge created specifically by the pandemic. 

Due to technical difficulties with the application procedure that prevented several members from submitting their application on time, the IRCT has decided to extend the submission deadline for the Covid-19 grants until the 12th of October 2020. Please apply through your account on www.fabo.org as stipulated below.

How to apply  

Applicants requested to apply on the IRCT’s learning page, Fabo, at https://fabo.org/irct/covid19grant and will be asked to send in:   

  • A proposal detailing how their application meets one or more of the objectives,  
  • A budget  
  • A short video 

For any questions relating to the application or Fabo registration, please write to Dastan Salehi at ds@irct.org

N.B. If your centre does not have a Fabo account, then please follow the steps set out in this video: https://youtu.be/pltXtV22cWw

This grant is only available to current IRCT members.  

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