09 Jun 2017
IRCT concerned about safety of Murad Amriev at the hands of Chechen authorities

The IRCT is deeply concerned about the safety of Mr Murad Amriev, a Russian national from Chechnya. Mr Amriev is a torture survivor and client of IRCT member centre in Russia, Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT). He fled Chechnya in 2013 after being detained and tortured by Chechen police and moved to Ukraine.

On 7 June 2017, he was detained at the Russian-Belarussian border by the Belarussian authorities while travelling back to the Ukraine. The Belarussian authorities extradited Mr Amriev today, 9 June, further to a request made by the Russian Federation. This extradition request was carried out without due process or any consideration of whether it would place Mr Amriev in danger of being subjected to torture if he was to end up in the custody of the Chechen authorities. On return to the Russian Federation, Mr Amriev was handed over to the Chechen authorities who previously tortured him.

The IRCT and its Russian member CPT fear that Mr Amriev’s life is in serious danger and that there is a high risk that he will be tortured again by the Chechen authorities.

The IRCT calls on the Chechen authorities to immediately release Mr Amriev and allow him to leave the territory given that there are no lawful grounds for his detention. The IRCT further calls on the Russian authorities to take all possible action to ensure the immediate release of Mr Amriev by the Chechen authorities The IRCT also condemns the decision of the Belarussian authorities to extradite Mr Amriev without due consideration of his substantiated claims to be at risk of torture upon return to Chechnya.

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