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Great.com Interviews IRCT About Helping Torture Victims
17 May 2021
Great.com Interviews IRCT About Helping Torture Victims Reconnect With Society

Karim Bukhadurov from Great.com interviewed IRCT as part of their 'Great.com Talks With...' podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Many people suffer cruel, dehumanizing treatment as a result of their political views, religion or sexual orientation. It’s important that we help empower them to come to terms with their ordeal. Lisa Henry discussed therapy and the power of listening.

Great.com Interviews IRCT About Helping Torture Victims Reconnect With Society

What Is Torture And Why Is It Still Practiced?

Torture is any range of painful and degrading treatment that's perpetrated by the state or by public officials, usually for the purpose of getting information. Many repressive regimes use torture as a means of controlling populations and stifling dissent, even though 170 countries have signed the UN Convention against its use. Physical violence has recently been used against human rights activists in both Myanmar and Belarus, for example. In other countries, people are tortured for their sexuality and forced to undergo ‘conversion therapy’ in an attempt to change their sexual orientation.

IRCT helps victims on the long road to recovery. We have centers in 76 countries around the world which are designed to be safe spaces for torture victims. Lisa explained that it’s important patients can gradually rebuild their trust in people and their sense of comfort in a relaxed setting that won’t trigger a negative emotional response. After therapy, some will even become anti-torture advocates.

Listen to the whole interview to find out the alarming truth about conversion therapy. You can read about IRCT’s impact here. IRCT also welcomes donations.

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Great.com is an organization that wants to mitigate the global climate crisis by donating all of its profits to climate research initiatives. To generate the most money possible, they are getting creative and thinking outside the box. The organization works in a traditionally harmful and greedy industry — online casinos. They’re taking money that would otherwise go in the pockets of millionaires and moving it to high-impact organizations aimed at solving climate change

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