06 May 2020
State of Belief interviews IRCT on new Conversion Therapy research

Last week, IRCT leading expert on the newly concluded research project, James Lin, was invited to discuss its outcomes with the interfaith alliance project, State of Belief, with the radio host Rev. Welton Gaddy.

State of Belief interviews IRCT on new Conversion Therapy research

State of Belief radio host Rev.Welton Gaddy (left) and Dr. James Lin

Welton Gaddy and James Lin discuss the IRCT and IFEG research project on conversion therapy.

The expert statement and research report  confirms that the practice of conversion therapy violates the basic human rights of individuals and the standards and ethics of the medical and mental health professions, with no medical or scientific validity. The act of conversion therapy is cruel, inhuman and degrading and, in many cases, torture and should be made illegal in all countries. The documentation of conversion therapy and its practices has for many years been vastly under-researched, often unspecific. The global research report therefore collects information to bridge the existing knowledge gaps and to provide an evidence-based overview of what conversion therapy practices are being committed, where and by whom and how states are responsible for it.  

Listen to the podcast with Welton Gaddy and James Lin on State of Beliefs home page here.

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