30 Jan 2020
IRCT Global Impact 2018

IRCT has conducted a survey and data collection from it's membership; gaining an overview of how many torture survivors we have reached and treated in 2018.

IRCT Global Impact 2018

The IRCT is in the process of an ongoing mapping exercise since November 2019. We want to collect the most recent figures from 2018 on the number of torture survivors treated by the number of health personnel. The numbers are important for IRCT and the wider anti-torture movement to understand the break-down of torture survivors per region, but also, to understand who the torture survivors are and how many health personnel are working with the survivors. The numbers are big and reinforce the need for a continued strategic approach to providing good torture rehabilitation options for torture survivors and the communities they live in. We are proud of how many lives IRCT has supported in the aftermath of such horrendous crimes but we are well aware of how high the numbers are and the need for continous self-improvement so we can reach and support the thousands of torture survivors. We commend our thousands of health personnel worldwide for their efforts to rehabilitate torture survivors, often in dangerous and precarious envionments. 

IRCT will continue to reach out to the IRCT centres annually to provide up-to-date data on our impact. 

For more information

Are you interested in learning more about these figures, you can reach out to M&E and Communications Associate, Sureka Murray at: smu@irct.org 

For a complete list of all IRCT centres, please consult the overview of all members here: https://irct.org/who-we-are/our-members 

"Our member centres are the experts - they each have valuable insights, knowledge and experiences which not only ensure good quality torture rehabilitation services for torture survivors, but they help inform the broader anti-torture field through the data and information they collect, store, analyse and share. This is pivotal to our movement."

- Sureka Murray, IRCT M&E and Communications Associate

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