Global Standards on Rehabilitation

IRCT’s Global Standards on Rehabilitation (GSR) are the world’s first comprehensive set of internationally agreed best-practice standards aimed at ensuring survivors of torture can receive the best possible rehabilitation wherever they are.

The GSR were adopted unanimously by IRCT’s General Assembly in October 2020 following a four-year consultation in which more than 90% of all members contributed to their development. They represent a statement of collective wisdom and universal applicability from the world’s largest reservoir of experience in the field of torture rehabilitation, and are thus an integral component of the IRCT’s work going forward.

Watch: All For the Global Standards

“The goal is to support member centres with the continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of their services.”

Merissa Van Der Linden, ASeTTS, Australia

“We believe that physicians and other health care professionals can play an important role, not only to prevent torture, but also to help the victims and their families seek justice.”

Dr Amy Abcede, MAG, Philippines

“We have a very diverse membership, so this allows us to have a common understanding on what our standards are.”

Lela Tsiskarishvili, President, IRCT

The GSR include commitments to keep services independent and accountable, ensure non-discriminatory access and the safety of clients, and to support their families. Acknowledging the strong connection between rehabilitation, empowerment and justice, the standards also commit IRCT members to make torture survivors central agents in their rehabilitation work and to help them access justice and advocate for their rights.

Under guidance from IRCT’s Health Advisory Board including Australia member ASeTTS, each of the 17 standards has been broken down into a training module delivered through an E-learning course on IRCT’s Fabo site. Some 40 members contributed video footage explaining one of the standards and what it means for improved rehabilitation work in their context.

Instructional videos:

Welcome to the e-course on the Global Standards for Rehabilitation!

Standard 1:
Our commitment to victims

Standard 2:
Independent Services

Standard 3:
Safety of victims

Standard 4:
Support to Families

Standard 5:
Access to Justice

Standard 6:
Intake Processes

Standard 7:
Access to Information

Standard 8:
Victims’ Feedback

Standard 9:
Victims’ Participation in Rehabilitation

Standard 10:
Organisational Capacity

Standard 11:
Staff Safety

Standard 12:
Care for Staff

Standard 13:
Share Knowledge

Standard 14:
Advocate for Rehabilitation Funding

Standard 15:
Definition of Quality of Life

Standard 16:
Evaluating Improvements in Quality of Life

Standard 17:
Documenting Our Global Impact