Rehabilitation centres, particularly those working in low and middle income countries, frequently struggle to raise funds to cover treatment of survivors of torture.  Each year, IRCT member centres contact the IRCT Secretariat seeking help to avoid closure or reduction of services. Many of these organisations have modest budgets and limited geographic reach. They are, however, providing a valuable service not offered by the state or other institutions. Since the founding of the IRCT, we have administered a programme of sub-grants to civil society organisations providing effective rehabilitation services to torture survivors. The individual grant amount is between five and twenty thousand Euros. While of importance to the recipients, the grant themselves are too small to be operationally effective for major donors. Over the past five years, the grants have benefited between 40 and 60 centres annually. Each year grantees have treated between ten and thirty thousand patients. Grantees have reported that they consider the grants to be a lifeline that allow them to continue treatment schedules and bridge funding gaps. While the majority of grantees have been IRCT member centres, applications are also accepted from non-members.


Objective Of The Grants

The main objective of the IRCT Centre Support Grants is to support rehabilitation centres’ efforts to ensure that torture victims have access to professional and effective treatment. Limited support will also be given to other complementary activities and access to justice.

Who Can Apply?

IRCT member centres and other centres providing effective rehabilitation that struggle financially due to scarce funding, may apply for grants. Priority will be given to applicants located in low and middle-income countries.

Grants will only be given to applicants that have fulfilled their reporting obligations in connection with earlier grants received from the IRCT. Furthermore, applicants with an annual income exceeding EUR 400,000 or who already have 90% of their funding needs covered will not be considered to be in need of Centre Support Grants.

What Activities Are Supported?

  • Provision and development of medical and psychological rehabilitation services;
  • Documentation of torture and awareness raising activities;
  • Internal capacity development aimed at ensuring more effective management, care for caregivers or fundraising ability.

Call for grant applications will be posted on this website.

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