Did you know that half of all torture survivors treated around the world also live in poverty? As the director of IRCT’s member in Varanasi, northern India, puts it: “If you want to eliminate torture you are going to eliminate poverty. If you are going to eliminate poverty you need to eliminate torture.” Ghurahu, a day labourer from Varanasi and member of India’s most marginalised caste, knows all too well the link between poverty and torture. Unlawfully arrested and beaten unconscious by police, Ghurahu’s healing began with talking therapy at IRCT member the PVCHR. But his life was also improved by some very practical assistance: Seeds to plant his own kitchen garden.

Our Members in Asia:

Centre for Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors (CRTS)

Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO)

Justice Centre Hong Kong

Jan Mitra Nyas/Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)
Shubhodaya Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Violence (SOSRAC)
Tibetan Torture Survivors Program (TTSP)
Vasavya Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (VRCT)

Alliance of Democracy for Papua (ALDP)
Rehabilitation Action for Torture Victims in Aceh (RATA)

Health Equity Initiatives (HEI)

Centre for Victims of Torture (CVICT)
Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Nepal (TPO)

Human Development Organisation (HDO)
Struggle for Change (SACH)

Balay Rehabilitation Centre (BALAY)
Medical Action Group (MAG)

Republic of Korea
Gwangju Trauma Centre
Kim Keun-Tae Memorial Healing Centre (KMHC)

Sri Lanka
Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC)