All job opportunities will be published here and we encourage interested parties to check-in occasionally.



Unfortunately  we are  unable to respond to unsolicited applications whether for jobs, volunteer positions, internships or study projects.


All such opportunities will be published on this webpage and we encourage interested parties to check-in occasionally.



If you are seeking employment in a rehabilitation centre or programme, please contact the centre or programme directly. A list of our member centres and programmes is available here.




The IRCT is inviting applications from experts for the newly established Working Group on Resources (WGR). We are seeking experts in any of the following areas:

  • Health care systems financing
  • International NGOs partnerships within human rights/ development/health fundraising
  • Particularly high-value fundraising (major gifts, corporates, trusts and foundations)
  • Sustainability fund development
  • Planning and implementation of revenue recovery activities
  • Strategic financial forecasting
  • Strategic communication
  • Partnership building

WGR Membership is on a pro bono basis, i.e. participation is unpaid.

Read the full details of the Call for Applications

Find out more about the Terms of Reference for the Working Group.

The deadline for applications to join the group is 4 March 2018

“Rehabilitation helps restore the physical and mental state of torture victims.”

- Olga Sadovskaya, Deputy chair of the Committee Against Torture

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