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Call for Proposals: IRCT Centre Support Grants 2017

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Objective of the Grants

The main objective of the IRCT Centre Support Grants is to support rehabilitation centres’ efforts to ensure that torture victims have access to professional and effective treatment. 

Who can apply?

IRCT Member Centres and other centres that are providing effective rehabilitation, but struggle financially despite efforts to raise funds, may apply for grants. Priority will be given to applicants located in low and middle-income countries.

Grants will only be given to applicants that have fulfilled their reporting obligations in connection with earlier grants received from the IRCT. Furthermore, applicants with an annual income exceeding EUR 400,000, or that already have 90% of their funding needs, covered will not be considered to be in need of Centre Support Grants.

What activities will be supported?

The grant must be used for activities related to the rehabilitation of torture victims, but is otherwise unrestricted. 

What period does the Grant cover?

The Grant approved in 2017 will cover the period April 2017 through March 2018.

How much can a centre apply for?

The maximum annual amount for any applicant should normally not exceed 30% of the centre’s overall budget for 2017.

Typically, IRCT Centre Support Grants range between EUR 5-15,000 per annum.

How do we apply?

Download and complete the application forms in English French or Spanish.

IRCT member centres must ensure that the profile on their centre page is up to date.  As a minimum, the profile must show current information on number of clients in 2016, number and kind of staff, core services, treatment methodologies and partnerships. They must also upload their latest annual report and financial statements, if they have not already done so.

IRCT members may submit their application via the message function on the member site or by email to  If the application is submitted via the message function it is recommended that members send a brief email to advising that their application has been submitted.     

Non-members are requested to submit the application by email to It is not necessary to send a hard copy of the completed form. The full application package should reach the IRCT Secretariat as soon as possible and no later than 15 August. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent within 48 hours of submission.

Non-members should also provide the following supporting documents, if not already sent to the Secretariat. Preferably in pdf or similar format:

  • Annual report 2016;
  • Audited financial statement 2016. If no audited statement is available an explanation of why an audited financial statement is not available must be given and a statement detailing income, expenditure, liabilities and assets for the last full financial year may be submitted in its place.

If these documents have already been submitted to the IRCT, it is sufficient to advise when and to whom these were addressed.

If the annual report and audited financial statement are not available in an electronic version they should be sent by courier to the address below:



International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)

Vesterbrogade 149, building 4, 3rd floor

1620 Copenhagen V


Documents sent by courier must be postmarked latest 11 August.

How are applications assessed?


Applications will be assessed in line with the following priorities:

  1. Provision and development of medical and psychological rehabilitation services;
  2. Preventative work including documentation of torture and awareness raising activities;
  3. Internal capacity development aimed at ensuring more effective management, care for caregivers or fundraising ability.

The IRCT will assess the activities described in the application form as well as funding needs, efforts to raise funds from other sources and applicants financial accountability.

The highest points will be allocated to rehabilitation activities, however applications including all three priorities will receive additional points. A significant number of points will be allocated to applications demonstrating that the grant awarded could make a significant difference to the final beneficiaries.

When will the grants be awarded?

The IRCT will inform all applicants of the results of the evaluation on or before 18 September. Successful applicants will be notified by email and be offered a contract stipulating the grant conditions. Disbursements will be made as soon as possible after receipt of the countersigned contract. The grant received must be recorded in grantees’ annual accounts and mentioned in their annual narrative report.

If you have questions about applying for this grant, please send an email to no later than 11 August. Please note that, in order to assess the applications in a timely manner, all applications received will be considered final.  Applications received after the closing date, using outdated forms or that are excessively lengthy will not be considered.

This call for proposals has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the OAK Foundation. 

“Rehabilitation gives torture victims the strength to fight for justice.” - Olga Sadovskaya, Deputy chair of the Committee Against Torture

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