News 03 May 2017
Sarajevo: Providing support to torture victims in the aftermath of war

This year, IRCT member in Sarajevo, Centre for Torture Victims (CTV) is celebrating 20 years of providing rehabilitation services to torture victims. The centre was established in 1997, with the support of the IRCT, to help some of the thousands of people who were tortured during the war in the former Yugoslavia. Twenty years on, the demand for its services continues to be high.

To date, CTV has provided support to more than 2,500 primary torture victims and 6,000 secondary victims. Whether they are victims of sexual torture, witnesses of war crime procedures or second generation torture victims, all of the centre’s clients are victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia. At CTV, they have access to a number of services such as general medical help, psychotherapeutic support and provision of medication.

In the past, the centre has also offered physiotherapy, social support and legal support, but like many other rehabilitation centres around the world, it has had its funding reduced and as a result has been forced to scale back its services.

Despite these challenges, the centre’s staff continue to do everything they can to meet the needs of their clients and achieve CTV’s mission of provision of rehabilitation services for those who are neglected and marginalised.

The IRCT would like to congratulate CTV on celebrating this important milestone:

“I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to our dear friends at CTV and acknowledge their significant contribution to the torture rehabilitation movement. They have made an enormous difference to so many people and their families and they continue to do so despite operating in a very challenging environment. I wish CTV all the best and look forward to continuing working together to ensure a world free from torture,” says Victor Madrigal-Borloz, Secretary-General of the IRCT.

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